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b.rdy SAS chklst (EN)

B.RDY SAS kit for one, worst conditions, 30days


- polymer wire to tie everything piece by piece, zippers to tie stuff permanently, superglue gel 2-5pcs

- plastic sealed bags, survival vest & military grade backpack, with velcro pockets and enough 1''  belts, and maybe 2 carabins and a pot

- flashlight preferable  LiPol w LED,

- lens

- hunter knife & saw

- metalic net (good for insects and fishing)

- logictool survival card / gas lighter & a windproof one (has quartz)/flint and fibers, steel whool, Mg bar, 9v sealed battery/accu

- solid alcohol/emergency combustible, tin foil to cook/boil things

- 2 signaling mirrors (hole in the middle, with MORSE diagram on the back)

- signaling whistle

- sterile water 2l, carbon filter, chloramine/iodine, plastic bottles at least two/ziplock bags

- water gathering sponge (compressed and packed)

- iodided salt 50 g

- waterproof mini radio (or battery DISCONNECTED), 3m  CuAg wire,

- 10m steel grade wire, point pliers/cutters/milytary gra…

The power of Chi

1. Puterea energiei Chi

bioenergie de natura electrostatica, pulsata, necuantificabila dar controlabila

2. Relatiile energiei Chi

modul de viata, meditatia si relatiile cu 'strabunii' sunt decisive pentru utilizarea ei

3. Secretul accesului si controlului energiei Chi

meditatia, relatiile cu 'strabunii', smerenia, altruismul, concentrarea si modestia.

NB: nu e destul sa te rogi doar cand te duci la biserica; daca iti pierzi concentrarea te pierzi si si uiti pentru ce faci ceea ce faci (de fapt asta e o regula generala) si incalci involuntar conditiile expuse mai sus.

4. Cum sa intelegem Chi

este o energie duala, yin cu centrul in chakra 1 si yang cu centrul in chakra 3; operatorul mediteaza concentrand chi in zona abdominala si o elibereaza la dorinta - se manifsta ca un soc electric asupra celorlalti (fiind fiinte vii, cu nervi si muschi - fiinte electrochi…

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