b.rdy SAS chklst (EN)

B.RDY SAS kit for one, worst conditions, 30days


- polymer wire to tie everything piece by piece, zippers to tie stuff permanently, superglue gel 2-5pcs

- plastic sealed bags, survival vest & military grade backpack, with velcro pockets and enough 1''  belts, and maybe 2 carabins and a pot

- flashlight preferable  LiPol w LED,

- lens

- hunter knife & saw

- metalic net (good for insects and fishing)

- logictool survival card / gas lighter & a windproof one (has quartz)/flint and fibers, steel whool, Mg bar, 9v sealed battery/accu

- solid alcohol/emergency combustible, tin foil to cook/boil things

- 2 signaling mirrors (hole in the middle, with MORSE diagram on the back)

- signaling whistle

- sterile water 2l, carbon filter, chloramine/iodine, plastic bottles at least two/ziplock bags

- water gathering sponge (compressed and packed)

- iodided salt 50 g

- waterproof mini radio (or battery DISCONNECTED), 3m  CuAg wire,

- 10m steel grade wire, point pliers/cutters/milytary grade multitool

- honey, protein bars/pills, polyvitamins and CaMgD3 1kg, baby formula

- dermograf pen, steel ballpoint pen (useful with the bullets)

- wet wipers 4-5packs the water resistant reusable type

- antibacterial soap

- scisors, tampax

- medicinal coal


- betadine, steriles (pads, scalpels, 5ml syringes), steryle orthopedic gloves 7.5, superglue gel 2-5pcs

- disinfectant

- bandages

- filtering masks 2-5pcs, chemical grade

- shield glases, black ink pen

- oxacyline 2pacients*5 days*4 g= 50 g, maybe 100g would suffice

- HIN (rifampicyn) 1 blister

- AINS (metamisol 50 g, aceclofenac 10 g)

- 1 blist metoclopramid+10vials, serum, nospa, scobutil,

- controloc 60 cps

- bithermic blanket 2-5pcs

- packed gips splint


- crank battery charger

- solar battery charger

- waterproof Boonie hat

- whool thick blanket (plastic sealed)

- plastic survival manual (with MORSE code interpretation diagram)

- gloves and whool kagula

- gas mask war grade 2pcs

- bulletproof vest

- gun or at least bullets (very handy)

- submersible pen & paper

- radioemiter

- prepaid sattelite phone

- portable thermo camera

- notebook/laptop

Things you should have in your store:

- rice (can be eaten soaked for a couple of hours without boiling)

- honey

- dry AND canned beans (they have sterile salt water)

- dry fuits and seeds like figs, peanuts, flaxseed, musli

- baby formula

- gasoline, barbeque igniter

- dogfood/catfood they`re sealed, dry and rich in calcium, phosphor and proteine (although you don`t really want to know what`s it from)

- home made sweets, underbrush, rosehip (catina, macese)

- candles

- heavy duty garbage bags and duct tape


dr. Daniel Ganea

Medic de familie, Ecografie, Urgente

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